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The Event Photographer's
Ultimate Professional On-Demand Photo Finishing Tool

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Green Screen, Borders, Watermark, and much more-Automatically.

PrintRipper™ simply automates the entire photo finishing process so the event photographer can concentrate on what you do best–Take pictures.

PrintRipper™ Features

Automated Image Manipulation
• Chroma key (green screen)
• Crop and print photos to any size.
• Watermark your photos.
• Add event borders to your photos.
• Adjust photo color, brightness, contrast, and saturation.
• Use color effects making photos Black and White, Sepia, and Duotones.
• Add white frame to photo.
• Text Printing on Images completely rebuilt. Users can now define font, font size, alignment, color, bold, underline, italic.
• Optional Apple's QuickTime™ integration for extended file format support

PrintRipper Chroma Setup
PrintRipper Chroma Key Setup

Automated Processing
• Process is hot folder triggered. Create as many hot folders as needed.
• Archives original photo (edited version does not affect original photo).
• Instead of printing photos – you can save digital composites of your photos for web, CD, or memory card distribution.
• You have the option of approving or rejecting photos for processing (Manual feature).
• Keep track of photos processed with the built-in counter.
• Set duplicate Print Count for each process.
• Assign duplicate print count from Manual Approval Window.
• Auto-Increment file names (rename).
• Run multiple processes simultaneously.
• Track errors (corrupt photos) in real-time without interrupting running processes.
PrintRipper's Main Window
PrintRipper Main Window

How PrintRipper Works
It's up to you on how you move your photos to PrintRipper™–Tethering, copying over a network, or manually dragging and dropping your photos into a PrintRipper hot folder, you have the flexibility to choose the best method to suit your situation.

With PrintRipper™ , you can assign a variety of image manipulation options to individual process folders (hot-folders/drop-folders). The process is on-demand and completely automated.

You can set PrintRipper™ for print output, digital output, or both. PrintRipper™ allows the event photographer to process all photos, or just the ones they want.

PrintRipper: A fraction of what other leading Event Photography Software costs.

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