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Allen Christopher Helps Drive Seward Restoration Fundraiser with Photos



SnapShot Studio Standard Edition Photo Booth Software
Allen Christopher Software joins with the Seward Restoration committee to offer a photo booth experience as well as a green screen photo station to help raise funds for the Seward Restoration project, which plans to convert the birthplace of William Henry Seward into a Museum.

** Photo Booth
A single photo booth station will be used, powered by SnapShot Studio™ Professional, printing 2x6 strips with DNP's RX1.

Green Screen Portraits
PrintRipper 1.5 will be powering the green screen station, shooting "old-time" photos for those who wish to step into the fashion of the 19th century.

William Henry Seward
William Henry Seward was born in Florida, New York. He was the 12th Governor of New York, United States Senator and the United States Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson, and was an opponent of the spread of slavery in the years leading up to the American Civil War.
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