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PrintRipper v1.6 Released



Event Photography Software: PrintRipper
PrintRipper v1.6 includes several workflow enhancements and performance optimization. Version 1.6 is now available for Macintosh and Windows computers.


Efficiency and Performance

PrintRipper v1.6 has a brand-new processing engine that is up to 600% more efficient than previous versions- without sacrificing performance. This means PrintRipper won't tax your system, leaving plenty of battery and processing power for other applications.

Version 1.6 has added additional features such as:

  • Copy and Edit buttons in plain view for easy access.
  • Drag and Drop throughout the entire interface. Drag and drop your border files, your process folders, and even your image files and folders to process.
  • Contextual menus can be found throughout the program, making your task management as easy as a right-click.

General Maintenance
PrintRipper v1.6 includes several maintenance updates and minor bug fixes.

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