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PrintRipper v1.5.4 Released



Event Photography Software: PrintRipper
PrintRipper v1.5.4 is now available, a general maintenance update for Macintosh and Windows computers.


Precise Image Positioning and Sizing
PrintRipper v1.5.4 expands on the cropping feature introduced in 1.5 and now allows for resizing within the cropping window. This gives a precise visual representation of your output, letting users place and size images quickly and easily.

A few minor changes have been made to provide better processing and stability. PrintRipper v1.5.4 is more resilient with unexpected folder changes/deletions and has the ability to self-heal most errors on-the-fly.

Lightweight and Extremely Powerful Automation
PrintRipper™ simply automates the entire photo finishing process so the event photographer can concentrate on what you do best–Take pictures.

Automated Image Manipulation
• Chroma key (green screen)
• Crop and print photos to any size.
• Watermark your photos.
• Add event borders to your photos.
• Adjust photo color, brightness, contrast, and saturation.
• Use color effects making photos Black and White, Sepia, and Duotones.
• Add white frame to photo.
• Text Printing on Images completely rebuilt. Users can now define font, font size, alignment, color, bold, underline, italic.
• Optional Apple's QuickTime™ integration for extended file format support

PrintRipper Chroma Setup
PrintRipper Chroma Key Setup

Automated Processing
• Process is hot folder triggered. Create as many hot folders as needed.
• Archives original photo (edited version does not affect original photo).
• Instead of printing photos – you can save digital composites of your photos for web, CD, or memory card distribution.
• You have the option of approving or rejecting photos for processing (Manual feature).
• Keep track of photos processed with the built-in counter.
• Set duplicate Print Count for each process.
• Assign duplicate print count from Manual Approval Window.
• Auto-Increment file names (rename).
• Run multiple processes simultaneously.
• Realtime Facebook uploading.
PrintRipper's Main Window
PrintRipper Main Window

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