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Announcing SnapShot Studio™ Standard Edition Version 1.0



SnapShot Studio Standard Edition Photo Booth Software
Allen Christopher has released version 1.0 of SnapShot Studio™ Standard Edition, offering a robust feature set that most photo booth operators need at an entry-level price.

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Powerful Core Engine, Entry-Level Price
With its roots from its bigger sibling, Standard Edition shares the same core features our customers have come to rely on. Canon, Nikon, and webcam capture are all included. Standard Edition is Macintosh and Windows compatible.

Nikon DSLRs with Live View
Nikon users can now use their camera's live view capability with SnapShot Studio™ on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Setup is straight-forward and easy!

Facebook Posting
Facebook posting has become an essential feature all areas of event photography. SnapShot Studio™ Standard Edition gives you an easy way to send your customer's images to Facebook either in realtime or for later batching.

Capture Photos in Landscape or Portrait Orientation
You can now use your camera in either orientation, without the need of making any additional changes to your camera's setup or SnapShot Studio's configuration.

Not Just for One Platform
While other products support one platform, SnapShot Studio™ has always supported Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

Just as we believe that you should have a choice in which operating system you use, we also believe that you should not be limited to a single DSLR brand.

Much, Much More
For addintional information, please visit the SnapShot Studio™ product page.
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