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SnapShot Studio™ Professional Edition Version 1.7 Released



SnapShot Studio Professional Edition Photo Booth Software

Allen Christopher has released version 1.7 of SnapShot Studio™ Professional Edition, most notably fixing Facebook's SSL protocol change, effecting photo uploads.


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Facebook SSL to TLS Fix
This change from SSLv3 to TLS seems to be linked to Google employees discovering serious flaws in the SSLv3 protocol. After Google had published these findings earlier this week, Facebook made the decision to quickly (and albeit quietly) to fend off possible POODLE exploits by shifting to the TLS protocol. SnapShot Studio Professional v1.7 patches the issue, allowing photo uploading to function properly. .

Additional Enhancements for Nikon Users
SnapShot Studio™ Professional 1.7 adds auto-focus detection per photo session, speeding up the process from countdown to shutter release for users who use fixed focal lengths for their sessions. Also added is the ability to save your photos to your camera's media card in addition to the host computer- it's as easy as putting a card in your camera- no setup required.

General Enhancements
Clean-up and stability enhancements range from basic interface items to metadata now included in composite photos.

For additional information, please visit the SnapShot Studio™ product page or jump right in and download your free trial today!

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