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SnapShot Studio™ Professional Edition Version 1.6 Released



SnapShot Studio Professional Edition Photo Booth Software

Allen Christopher has released version 1.6 of SnapShot Studio™ Professional Edition, including updates for Canon and Nikon cameras as well as Windows 8 tablet users.


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Canon EOS Rebel T5/1200D, AF Fail-Safe Support Added
Support for the Canon EOS Rebel T5/1200D comes with the release of Canon SDK version 2.14, which is now included in SnapShot Studio Professional v1.6. This latest SDK offers better performance and stability throughout our supported Canon lineup.

For Canon users who use Auto focus, we've added up to four re-take attempts. Should all fail, your session will reset. Your log will also indicate if you may need to use an alternate AF mode to avoid focus failures.

Install and Go
SnapShot Studio™ Professional 1.6 is even easier to get started: Install and launch! We've included three layout examples that you can use immediately. These layouts can also be used to better understand how to create your own stunning, custom layouts.

More Templates to Choose From
SnapShot Studio™ Professional 1.6 now includes over 5-dozen templates to get you started.

Interface Enhancements
Version 1.6 has several enhancements throughout:

  • Nikon and Canon users will notice a cleaner, easier control set in their DSLR setup screens.

  • Auto-sensing of cameras has been greatly improved, allowing you to plug your camera in and go in most cases.

  • Tablet users will instantly notice dynamic screen orientation updating and users who wish to use their screens in portrait orientation will have the option to use any capture screen, making much better use of screen real estate.

Several Fixes, with the Help of our Users
Several bugs have been tracked down and resolved in SnapShot Studio v1.6, thanks to several of our users who have tirelessly tested pre-release versions. Some bugs addressed in v1.6 include: Canon EOS 60D intermittent hang, Auto-counter renaming issue, and an issue when checking for updates from the Help Menu.

For additional information, please visit the SnapShot Studio™ product page or jump right in and download your free trial today!

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