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SnapShot Studio™ Professional Edition Version 1.5.1 Released



SnapShot Studio Professional Edition Photo Booth Software

Allen Christopher has released version 1.5.1 of SnapShot Studio™ Professional Edition, updating our new Chroma Key module and offering better overal optimization of the program.


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New Chroma Key Module
Version 1.5 of SnapShot Studio™ Professional introduced a brand-new Chroma Key module, similar to that in our PrintRipper™ application. With the new Chroma Key module, you can key both blue and green screen. We've added a few additional controls for better control; version 1.5.1 now includes edge control as well.SnapShot Studio Professional Edition Photo Booth Software

As with our previous chroma module, you can allow for Live View keying as well as see the results instantly when using SnapShot Studio™ Professional's Thumbnail Capture view.

More Optimization
Each build of SnapShot Studio™ brings more tweaks and optimization of the software as a whole. Version 1.5.1 includes more optimization of preferences and image processing.

For additional information, please visit the SnapShot Studio™ product page or jump right in and download your free trial today!

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