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SnapShot Studio Feature Highlight: Keeping Print Copies Under Control

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SnapShot Studio Photo Booth Software
It doesn't take long before a Photo Booth operator realizes that managing prints/duplicates are a necessity, especially when you run a busy photo booth.
Fortunately, SnapShot StudioProfessional and Standard Editions have you covered!

SnapShot Studio™ Professional and Standard Editions are equipped to efficiently handle just about any printing scenario that you may face as a Photo Booth Operator.

When You Know How Many Prints/Session
photo booth print duplicatesYou may have an event where you can easily determine how many prints per session are needed.
When you create a layout, you will use the Page Editor in SnapShot Studio™.

Print options can be found under the "General" tab. You can select the "Print Duplicates" option and then set the total number of prints you wish to print for each session.

Knowing How Many Prints/Session with Exception
photo booth print count popupYou can take the settings made in the above section and go a step further with the "Use Print Pop Window" option. This will default to your defined print count but allow users to select more/less prints if needed. So if you typically need 2 prints/session, the Print Pop Window will automatically show "2" as your default.

Expecting the Unexpected
Sometimes there is no way to anticipate how many duplicates you will need per session. SnapShot Studio™ has you well covered! The top-right corner (where your badge graphic would be) of the Welcome and Capture screens can be double-clicked to reveal the duplicate print window. This will print duplicates of the last session taken.

Duplicates Run Amok
photo booth limit duplicate printsPrinting duplicates is easy with SnapShot Studio™- perhaps too easy! You may end up with the problem of users wasting paper with unnecessary prints. SnapShot Studio™ can take care of that too...

In the Settings screen/General tab you will find an option to limit duplicate prints. Using this option will cap the amount of prints that are allowed per session. This ensures that you won't have profit-crushing print waste.

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