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Better Email Options for the Busy Booth

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SnapShot Studio Standard Edition Photo Booth Software
Email delivery opens up a whole new world for Photo Booth connectivity.

Email can connect your event to a multitude of social media portals, mobile phone MMS delivery, and of course, directly to your user's email itself. With SnapShot Studio Professional, you have the option of leveraging all of the above


The unfortunate fact about email is that your provider most likely caps the number of emails that you can send daily or monthly. Even Gmail has a cap on unique emails that can be sent within a 24 hour period. To further complicate matters, a flurry of outgoing emails can inadvertently flag your activity as spam, which may result in a suspension of your services.

Email Services
There are many affordable services, some are even free. Through our own searching, we've come across two very well structured services that are compatible with SnapShot Studio Professional. Both are very conscious of distinguishing the difference between bulk emailing and spamming. Both also have very specific guidelines to the usage of their service. Fortunately, there should be no issues with usage with SnapShot Studio Professional and the "from" address that your users will see can be any valid email address that is accessible to you.

Signing up with will give you 10,000 credits (one credit=email). Pricing thereafter is $1.50 per 1,000 credits.

Setting Up your PostMark Server
Log into your PostMark account. You will see a link called "My Rack". This is where you will set up your outbound email services. Click the button on the page that will allow you to add a server. You will then be prompted to give it a name- Make it descriptive!

Going back into the "Your Rack" section, click on the "Details" link located on the right side of your newly created server. Next, click on the "Credentials" link located at the top of the page. You will need to enable SMTP for your server.

Finally, you will need to set up a Sender Signature. Click the Sender Signatures link at the top of the page. Choose the option to add a new signature, then follow the steps to verify the address. Please make sure that the email address is a valid email address- PostMark will use it as the sender address for your emails.

PostMark Settings in SnapShot Studio Pro

Go to your Settings in SnapShot Studio Pro, then to Digital Delivery>Email/MMS. In the SMTP section, set up the following:
Your Postmark API Key is used for both User and Password fields.
Your SMTP port is 2525
Your from address should be the same as your Postmark signature address
Your SMTP server should be
Turn SSL off.

MailJet offers a free plan of 6,000 emails/month with a maximum of 200 emails per day. Upgrading to their Bronze package will cost $7.49 and will allow a maximum of 30,000 emails per day. As best as we can tell, upgrading also lifts the daily sending limit found in the free package.

One feature MailJet has over PostMark is the ability to send newsletters, campaign emails, etc. In conjunction with SnapShot Studio Pro, this can be a nice addition if you wish to send bulk email to those on your mailing list as well.

Mailjet Setup
MailJet has a very easy setup, which is not much different than PostMark. SMTP is on by default and you'll need the SMTP server, the User Name (API Key) and the Password (Secret Key). This information can be found by clicking on the "Configure My SMTP" while on your Dashboard page. You will need to list at least one of your valid email addresses in the Sender Address list.

Under the Quick Setup list, select "Edit Sender Addresses", then add the email (or domain) you wish to register as a valid sending address with MailJet.

MailJet Settings in SnapShot Studio Pro
Go to your Settings in SnapShot Studio Pro, then to Digital Delivery>Email/MMS. In the SMTP section, set up the following:
Your User Name (API Key) goes in the username field.
Your Password (Secret Key) goes in the password field.
Your SMTP port is 465.
Your from address should be the same as what you've listed in your MailJet Sender List.
Your SMTP server should be
Turn SSL on.

Both PostMark and MailJet perform exceptionally well with SnapShot Studio Pro. Pricing for each service is very reasonable, leaving the vote of "which is better" up to you.

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