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Photo Booth Update:
SnapShot Studio Professional Version 1.1.6 Available

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SnapShot Studio Photo Booth Software
SnapShot Studio™Professional v1.1.6 is now available for Mac and Windows systems. This is a maintenance release addressing a few minor issues.

SnapShot Studio™ Professional and Standard Editions are Nikon and Canon DSLR Compatible, with live view capabilities for both Mac and Windows Systems.

Change Log, SnapShot Studio Professional v1.1.6 Build 303
  • [Fix] Patched a potential issue where the capture process finishes but is not able to complete its full cycle, thus returning to the Start Screen.

  • [Fix] Patched I/O Error on audio input discovery. (Windows Webcam).

  • [Fix] Using Windows Webcam with Canon DSLR would engage live view, causing "flicker" between the webcam feed and DSLR live view.

  • [Fix] Aspect ratio cropping was not correct when using Canon DSLRs.

  • [Fix] Corrected error when using Live view capture message with standard capture window.

  • [Fix] Windows Webcam and audio devices are automatically discovered even in the absence of a webcam preferences file.

    To find out more about SnapShot Studio™, visit our photo booth page or download the free trial directly.

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