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New OS Releases: Wait Before Updating

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SnapShot Studio Standard Edition Photo Booth SoftwareWith the release of Apple's OSX 10.9 Mavricks and Windows 8.1 on the horizon, users everywhere will be tempted to install the latest and greatest on their production machines.
Before you make the jump, take the time for due diligence and inventory your hardware, drivers, and software you will need to run.

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Think Logically, not Emotionally
Why update in the first place? If you need functionality that can only come with a new OS release, it makes sense to update. But what does that really mean in terms of time and effort to you?

To take the case of Apple's Mountain Lion (10.8):
Apple showed-off a handful of really nice features… if you were using the system as your desktop computer. In reality, 10.8 brought nothing to the table that would benefit an operator, at least not until drivers became available later on in its life cycle. Instead, early adopters wrestled with the lack of printer drivers, touch screen drivers, and odd camera behavior.

Software Compatibility
Over the course of recent software updates, we have had little problem with our own code functioning properly with the latest and greatest. Almost every issue we've run into has had to do with hardware compatibility- rather, the lack of.

Given the fact that titles like SnapShot Studiorely on the hardware you connect (DSLRs, Printers, Touch Screens, etc) to it, this can be a major ordeal.

Nikon and Canon have their own release schedule and it usually trails the major OS software releases. Official releases have come anywhere from 1 month to 7 months behind an OS release. Complaining doesn't seem to help, as both companies avoid developer feedback/information requests regarding their SDKs.

The silence between releases is their way of saying, "It will be available when… it's available", which is respectable to a degree. Both companies currently release their SDKs for their "pro" DSLRs, which in turn use software like ours for their businesses.
They presume that their pro customers are not overly eager to upgrade their systems unless there is a compelling reason to do so (i.e., the release of a new DSLR, of course!).

If you are interested in or using Allen Christopher software, chances are you are also using a dye sub printer. Like camera manufacturers, Printer Manufacturers can be a little slow to deliver compatible drivers to a newly released OS. This is usually the case, particularly if you are a Mac user.

Touch Screen Drivers
While some drivers (printer drivers, in particular) can survive an OS upgrade without the need to update, touch screen drivers will usually need to be updated. Depending on your touch screen, you may not have the option of updating/upgrading.

There is no other option When Apple updates its OS, it ships with every new system. Microsoft has made it difficult to get a new system that doesn't ship with Windows 8. So what if you have no choice but to purchase a new system? Check our forums, research drivers for all of your hardware before purchasing a new system.

If you are in a bind and need something right away, you may want to look to ebay and get a good deal on a slightly older system that you can ensure is compatible with the rest of your gear.

Before you race out to update your system, make sure your existing hardware is well-supported. Check our forums for chatter about a new OS and by all means, ask us if you are unsure about support. There is a saying:
"Pioneers take the arrows, settlers take the land".

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