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Generating Leads: We Do It and You Should Too



SnapShot Studio Standard Edition Photo Booth Software
A good book of leads is important to grow a business today. Consistently adding fresh leads can be vital.

Some people ask us, "Why do you require my email address to download a trial of your software?"



SnapShot Studio™ Professional and Standard Editions as well as PrintRipper have Facebook integration, letting you establish a connection with all that use your photo booth service.

SnapShot Studio™ Professional Edition lets you capture much more: email, RFID, and barcode information. Your leads are neatly organized into spreadsheet .CSV files.

Establishing Direct Communication
If someone is serious about buying your product or service, they will want to have a direct line of communication with you. Something as simple as an email address gives you the opportunity to start a conversation.

Keeping Contacts In-The-Know
Your product is constantly evolving and so are the needs of your potential customers. While your product may not be right for every contact today (price, timing, etc.), it may tomorrow. Keeping them up to date on your product or a sale you may currently offer is essential.

How Qualified Are They?
Unfortunately, not every contact is a good contact. When nurturing these leads, you can ask them questions that pertain to aspects of your product or service. The responses (in the form of email or web page form, for example) you receive will help you better target those who will find value in what you provide.

An example of this is the download form we use for our software. We ask a few simple questions to see what people are interested in. We also provide an area for people to share their comments (which we do read!). This data gives us a much better idea of the size of our market and what expectations people may have for our product.

Those who make an ordeal about giving contact information rarely turn out to be a good lead- they are indirectly telling you (the expert on your product/service) that they don't want to hear from you.

People who wish to do business with you will want communication with you. Leveraging your lead generation opportunities opens the door for conversation, which in turn will lead to income.

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