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Halloween Border Pack



Photo booth bordersIf you're searching for quick and easy Hallowen Borders, we have a free pack of nine standard borders and four green screen borders that can be downloaded here.

Choose from three different styles and three different formats for each: 2x6 strips, landscape, and portrait borders.


2x6 Strips
To use any of the 2x6 borders in the Halloween Pack, start by creating a new layout.You'll need to choose the 2x6 (Double, 4x6 3-Up Split banner template.

photo booth 2x6 border





Next, go to the Graphics tab and load the 2x6 PNG image and (optionally) the 2x6 PNG banner; save your layout.

Photo Booth 2x6 custom border

4x6 Portrait Bannersphoto booth new template
The 6x4 portrait banners require a custom template to be created. If you haven't tried making a custom template, this is a great opportunity to learn how.

Create a new layout, then choose to create a new template in the Page Editor window. Enter the values shown in the screen shot below. Save your template.

photo booth new 4x6 template

Once saved, repeat the process of importing the border and banner graphics as shown with the 2x6 layout.

6x4 Landscape Bannersphoto booth new template
Just as with the Protrait Banner, you will need to create a new template for your landscape banner.

After creating a new layout, click the new template button found in the Page Editor window.





You may have noticed that the only difference between the Portrait and Landscape template is the reversal of the width and height values. Save your template, add your graphics.

Each border in the Halloween set is labeled to make it as easy as possible to quickly find what you need. Feel free to further customize the included PSD files.

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