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2013 Fall Newsletter Highlights



"Reveal the Deal" Program

Allen Christopher Promotion"Are you running any sales or promotions?"

We get countless emails in asking for promotions and discount codes. The Truth is, we really haven't had more than a few "specials" on our software.

Today, we're introducing an incentive we call "Reveal the Deal", where the current deal is revealed by following Allen Christopher Software's Facebook page.

We've decided To kick off this promotion with a very big offer for Allen Christopher customers. It won't last long- so take advantage while you can!



Introducing Snapshot Studio™ Professional v1.1 and Standard v1.0

Photo Booth for Canon or Nikon DSLRs; Macintosh or Windows Systems

Photo Booth SoftwareMore features, more camera support, and video- these are the requests that have been pouring in since the introduction of SnapShot Studio™ 1.0 last September.

We've delivered so much in version 1.1 that it could have easily called it "2.0". We didn't, however, because we wanted to show our appreciation to our existing customers by delivering a very powerful and free update.

SnapShot Studio™ is the only photo booth to support live view for both Canon and Nikon DSLRs on Macintosh and Windows operating systems and includes webcam support.

Currently supporting 50 DSLRs and countless webcams on both platforms, SnapShot Studio™ is the perfect platform for your growing photography business.

With the addition of Video Capture for capable Nikon/Canon DSLRs as well as webcams, SnapShot Studio™ Professional is the most powerful photo booth software available today.

To see which edition is right for you, take a look at our comparison chart. Whatever your choice, we're certain that SnapShot Studio™ will take your photo booth to a whole new level.


PrintRipper™ Turns 1.5

Facebook, Email, and Fully-Rendered Previews are Just the Beginning

PrintRipper™ has been both a powerful and faithful workhorse for us and for our customers. With version 1.5, we've made it even more powerful.

Facebook and EmailPrintRipper
There's no getting around social media today- it's part of our daily lives- and we've integrated Facebook and email services directly into PrintRipper™, allowing you to instantly print and upload your photos where they are needed most.

Crop and Position
With PrintRipper™ 1.5, you can now position your image and adjust your cropping over the entire gamut of your shoot. It's as simple as selecting the Custom Crop option and dragging your sample image into position.

Fine-tuning the features you know and love
We've tuned every aspect of PrintRipper v1.5, but haven't changed the options you've become familiar with. The result is a rock-solid processing application that tears through just about any image file you toss at it.

†Offers made through Reveal the Deal program are subject to change at any time. Limits may apply.


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