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PrintRipper™ Professional On-Demand Photo Finishing Tool
v. 1.4 Download Mac / Windows*Buy PrintRipper™ Now: $139.99

For Event Photographers, time is money. More photos leads to more sales.

PrintRipper™ simply automates the entire photo finishing process so the photographer can concentrate on what you do best–Take pictures.

No Event Photographer should be without PrintRipper™

With PrintRipper™ , you can assign a variety of image manipulation options to individual process folders (hot-folders/drop-folders). The process is on-demand and completely automated It can be set for print output, digital output, or both. PrintRipper™ allows the event photographer to process all photos, or just the ones they want. With version 1.4, PrintRipper™ is even more powerful.<more....>



SplashCase™ Real-Time Event Photo Display System
v. 1.0 Download Mac / Windows

They Won't Buy What They Can't See.

SplashCase displays your images as you shoot. You'll show-off your photos, increase your exposure, and ultimately, increase your sales.

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Photo booth software: SnapShot Studio Photo Booth


SnapShot Studio™ Photo Booth, the Professional's Choice
v. 0.8.7 Download Mac / Windows

Finally, a Professional Photo Booth that is as easy to set up as it is fun to use.

SnapShot Studio™ Photo booth is a more than a breeze to set up. It is a powerful photo booth solution for Macintosh and Windows systems.



GoFishh! Multi-file Search and Collect Software
v. 1.1 Download Mac

GoFishh!™ s an application that lets you search for multiple files with a single search query. By default, GoFishh!™ is set up for image files (JPG suffix) but can be used for any type of document search. <more...>

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