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Custom Application Development

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Through inquires and requests, Allen Christopher Software has offered Development Services since its inception.

We have worked with independent operators to large corporations and have offered affordable opportunities to create the tools needed to streamline operations.

Our development services are only for Macintosh and Windows compatible systems. We do not offer development services for mobile devices at this time.

Sponsored Upgrades: Order a Modification of an Allen Christopher Title
Our current lineup may offer most of what you need, but may need a few tweaks to make it a "perfect fit" for your operation. Depending on your needs and budget, it may be worth your while to order a Sponsored Upgrade to one of our existing applications.

Sponsored Upgrades are feature requests that are paid for by an individual or organization, essentially "cutting" the line and moving to the top position. Sponsored Upgrades may or may not be included in a commercial release of our software. The decision is based upon the usefulness of the feature to our user base. All Sponsored Upgrades are subject to potential public release.

Order a custom application, built for you from the ground-up
Allen Christopher can also create a completely new application to fit your needs. Though more involved and costly than modifications, custom development offers the opportunity to precisely fit your need.

General Guidelines for Application Development
We are a very busy software development company and have learned much over the years. Through our experience, we have established a small but important set of ground rules:

  • Allen Christopher Software will not "partner" on ideas for a new application. We have more ideas than time allows and know all too well the difficulty in launching a new title. Sorry, we cannot make any exceptions.

  • Allen Christopher Software will not develop any titles that knowingly infringe copyright or other intellectual properties. It is not our position to research potential infringement. It will be the responsibility and duty of the contractor to ensure that a job order meets our criteria.

  • Custom development or Sponsored Upgrades do not grant the contractor copyright or ownership of our executable code in any way. All of our code will remain the property of Allen Christopher Software. Custom Development gives the contractor the right of usage to the created executable. In the case of Sponsored Upgrades, contractors are bound by the terms provided in the Allen Christopher EULA and usage is bound by user license.

  • Executables provided by Allen Christopher Software cannot be sub-licensed or sold unless otherwise stated.

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