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  • World-Class Photo Booth and Event Photography Software
  • SnapShot Studio photo booth software supports over 50 Canon and Nikon DSLRs on Mac and Windows computers.
    •   More Cameras, More Options For Mac and Windows Users
  • Event Photogrpahy Software: PrintRipper Image Processing
    • Lightning-Fast Event Photo Processing with PrintRipper 1.6
    • • Accepts Most Image Files
      • Realtime Facebook Uploading
      • Custom Crop Positioning
      • Email integration for Social Media Sites
      • QR Code Generation and Printing
      • Rendered Composite in Approval Window
      • Updated Chroma Key Controls
      • Powerful Event Photography Software
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  • SnapShot Studio Professional Photo Booth Software
    • Professional Photo Booth Software
    • • Nikon Live View
      • Canon Live View
      • Realtime Facebook Uploading
      • Customizable Layouts
      • Customizable Themes
      • Lead Generation Options
      • Video Capture
      • Many more features!
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  • More Cameras with SnapShot Studio Photo Booth Software
    •   More Cameras, More Options For Mac and Windows Users

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