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The Event Photographer's
Ultimate Professional On-Demand Photo Finishing Tool

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Green Screen, Borders, Watermark, and much more-Automatically.

PrintRipper™ simply automates the entire photo finishing process so the event photographer can concentrate on what you do best–Take pictures.

PrintRipper™ Features

Automated Image Manipulation
• Chroma key (green screen)
• Crop and print photos to any size.
• Watermark your photos.
• Add event borders to your photos.
• Adjust photo color, brightness, contrast, and saturation.
• Use color effects making photos Black and White, Sepia, and Duotones.
• Add white frame to photo.
• Text Printing on Images completely rebuilt. Users can now define font, font size, alignment, color, bold, underline, italic.
• Optional Apple's QuickTime™ integration for extended file format support

PrintRipper Chroma Setup
PrintRipper Chroma Key Setup

Automated Processing
• Process is hot folder triggered. Create as many hot folders as needed.
• Archives original photo (edited version does not affect original photo).
• Instead of printing photos – you can save digital composites of your photos for web, CD, or memory card distribution.
• You have the option of approving or rejecting photos for processing (Manual feature).
• Keep track of photos processed with the built-in counter.
• Set duplicate Print Count for each process.
• Assign duplicate print count from Manual Approval Window.
• Auto-Increment file names (rename).
• Run multiple processes simultaneously.
• Track errors (corrupt photos) in real-time without interrupting running processes.
PrintRipper's Main Window
PrintRipper Main Window

How PrintRipper Works
It's up to you on how you move your photos to PrintRipper™–Tethering, copying over a network, or manually dragging and dropping your photos into a PrintRipper hot folder, you have the flexibility to choose the best method to suit your situation.

With PrintRipper™ , you can assign a variety of image manipulation options to individual process folders (hot-folders/drop-folders). The process is on-demand and completely automated.

You can set PrintRipper™ for print output, digital output, or both. PrintRipper™ allows the event photographer to process all photos, or just the ones they want.

PrintRipper: A fraction of what other leading Event Photography Software costs.

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• View the Online Manual here or download the PDF version.

Try PrintRipper and you will quickly understand why no Event Photographer should be without PrintRipper!

For detailed information, see the PrintRipper User Guide.

Once a product is activated, you cannot request a refund. We allow you to try our software free of charge and without a time limit. Please try our software before you make your purchase.

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